Friday, 20 July 2012

Holiday health tips

Summer holidays have finally arrived and, although they should be fun, sometimes health issues get in the way. Things like travel sickness, hayfever, fear of flying and tummy bugs can all put a damper on your summer break.

My latest newsletter contains some information on natural remedies that can help deal with these sort of problems and make your holidays less hassle. Click here to view this edition and you can also sign up or view past newsletters in your browser

For those of you with clever phones.. here is a QR code for the newsletter.

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Sunday, 8 July 2012

Hayfever special

Even though our English summer hasn't been very summery I've been treating a lot of people with hayfever recently and my latest newsletter offers a few suggestions to help cope with symptoms.

You can view it online here

You can also sign up to receive the newsletter or view past issues from your web browser.

I wrote a longer blog post last year for the Settle Website about natural ways of preventing hayfever or reducing symptoms. Most chemists and health food shops will sell the products I have mentioned.

Birch pollen under the microscope

A Swiss scientists named Martin Oeggerli, who uses the name Micronaut for his art, uses a Scanning Electron Microscope to capture amazing images of pollen grains. There are many more striking images of pollen on his website  and he also has pictures of bacteria, fabrics, plants and insects as you have never seen them before. See his online Gallery here 

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