Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Another Indian Adventure

I will be in India from 9th Feb until 1st March and back in the clinic in Settle as normal on Monday 2nd. I will not be able to deal with email or phone messages while I am away. I will update you on my travels when I return but we will be in Kolkata to attend the wedding of our friends, Suve and Ellie, then heading south to spend a couple of weeks around Chennai. If you need some homeopathic advice during this period then contact my colleague Samantha Glossop on 07877 138210.

If you want some urgent advice over the phone you might like to call the Homeopathy Helpline which is available between 9am and midnight. This is particularly useful if you have some remedies at home as they can often suggest something which may help deal with the problem. If they suggest a remedy that you don’t have they will be able to tell you where you can get hold of it. The advice given is mainly concerned with acute problems such as fevers, coughs and colds, tummy bugs or childhood illnesses but they can also discuss other problems and help you to decide whether homeopathic treatment is appropriate. If it is not suitable they may direct you to another form of therapy or suggest you contact your GP.

This service is only available within the United Kingdom and calls are charged at BT premium rate which is approx £1.50 per minute, this may sound a lot but calls can be short if you are clear about the symptoms and think about what questions you are likely to be asked. These are things like - when did the problem start, did it come on quickly or slowly, does anything make the problem better or worse, are there any desires or aversions to food or drink?

Homeopathy Helpline 09065 34 34 04