Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Lemon polenta cake.. yum!

I bake this cake fairly often, especially if I know my gluten free friends will be visiting. Many people have asked me how to make it over the years so thought I'd put it on here for everyone to enjoy!

The recipe comes from the lovely people at Cafe Maitreya, an organic vegetarian restaurant in Easton in Bristol. Lots more interesting recipes on their website so it's well worth a look.

Cafe Maitreya  legendary lemon polenta cake - lush!

500g golden granulated sugar
500g butter (or margarine)
6 eggs
500g ground almonds
250g fine polenta
6 lemons
5g salt
10 g baking powder (gluten free if necessary)
an extra 150g caster sugar for topping

1.       beat the butter (or margarine) and sugar together 'til very smooth and creamy.
2.       one by one slowly beat in the eggs.
3.       separately mix together the polenta, almonds, lemon zest, salt and baking powder and fold into the cake mixture
4.       transfer to an 10 inch tin and bake in a pre-heated oven at 150C for 1½ to 2 hours (or until you can pull a skewer cleanly out of the cake)
5.       whilst the cake is in the oven, juice the lemons and add the remaining 150g of caster sugar. place in a thick bottom pan and boil until the juice has reduced by about half and is syrupy.
6.       when the cake is out of the oven, make some holes in the top, pour on the lemon juice mixture and let in sink in
7.       leave to cool

serve up with a big slice of loving kindness

A word of warning - this makes one huge, catering size cake. I usually halve the amounts and do two cakes using one pound loaf tins. Cooks in about 45 minutes in smaller tins but keep an eye on it and poke with a skewer to check when it's done.


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