Saturday, 31 July 2010

Homeopathic Camp and festival fun

I have mentioned several times on this blog the great work that Marcus and the Travelling Homeopaths Collective do at festivals. If you are going to a festival this summer there is still time to catch up with them for a chat or some treatment at the Moors festival, Solfest, Lime Tree music festival and The End Of The Road.

THC have a homeopathic camp in the summer
and this time it is 11th to 15th August. It has a friendly festival feel for homeopaths, students, their friends and families with lots to keep everyone entertained. Speakers this year include Misha Norland, Kaaren Whitney, David Mundy, Robert Davidson, Jerome Whitney and Michael Thompson. There will also be Indian music, childrens area, storytelling, a sauna and some great veggie food.

For more info see the flyer here

I had a brilliant time at Glastonbury working in the clinic and its always a wonderful opportunity to talk to people about homeopathy and get them to experience it first hand. As it was very hot and dusty we treated a lot more people than usual for hayfever and sunburn and many came back to say they were feeling better after their remedies which is always good to hear.

We seemed to have a lot more people coming in for a chat who were disillusioned with their current treatment and wanting to know if homeopathy might be able to help with longer term problems like depression, menstrual or menopausal symptoms, recurrent infections, ME and chronic fatigue, stress, IBS and many more. We do not treat those sort of chronic problems at festivals so always refer people to a homeopath near where they live.

There have been a lot of negative stories in the press about homeopathy lately so it was lovely to talk to so many people face to face who genuinely wanted to find out more about what we do. Something our critics often forget is that the vast majority of people try complementary therapies because they are not happy with their current treatment and a friend or relative has benefitted from something different. That sort of personal recommendation will far outweigh any number of negative articles in a newspaper or on a blog.