Sunday, 10 October 2010

Science for Homeopaths Day in Manchester

Earlier this year I was appointed onto the Society of Homeopaths Research Committee. One of the things I feel is important is to give homeopaths and students the information they need to deal with the common criticisms we face as a profession.

Myself and Emily Peckham, both homeopaths and chemists, will be doing a CPD day on Science for Homeopaths in central Manchester on Thursday 25th November. There is a lot of controversy about dilutions and so we will be explaining, in simple terms, what Avogadro's number is all about and why it is such a contentious issue. We will also be looking at the weirdness of water and some other areas of science which are not as clear cut as you might think.
We will look at the analytical evidence which shows that extremely diluted solutions are measureable using a variety of analytical techniques. The majority of work done in this area is actually done by chemists and physicists and is nothing to do with homeopathy.

The aim is to make some complex scientific ideas accessible to all and give participants tools to answer critics in a scientific manner. There will also be a detailed list of websites, references and a bibliography for further reading and research.

On the day we will bring some of these scientific papers and books for you to have a look at and there will also be some time available for general discussion and networking.

Science for Homeopaths

Quaker Meeting Rooms, Mount St, Manchester

Thursday 25th November

To book go through the Society of Homeopaths website or call the office in Northampton.

The Society of Homeopaths website has an excellent research section which has been written by Rachel Roberts.

British Homeopathic Association also has comprehensive research pages. Their magazine Health and Homeopathy contains very clear and interesting articles on particular health topics and remedies which can be dowloaded from the website.